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Understanding Different Types of Football Bets and Odds

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Football, also known as soccer, is the king of sports. If you have a burning passion for football and want to explore betting odds on betting site online , as well as different types of football bets, to enhance your entertainment and excitement while watching live matches, then you need to familiarize yourself with the various types of football bets. Football betting options can be quite complex, so deep understanding is crucial for successful betting. In this article, CachHayNhat will help you explore in detail each type of bet. Let's dive in!
In every football match, you usually find over 100 betting options. You can place bets on familiar types such as Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and European Handicap. In addition, there are other popular bet types such as Correct Score, Half Time - Full Time, Double Chance, and more.
Before you invest your money in these bets, it is essential to understand the meaning of each type. To assist you, this article will provide a comprehensive overview and explanation of various football betting options.
I. What is a Football Bet?
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What is a football bet? This is a question that many people, especially beginners with limited knowledge and experience in football betting, often ask. Simply put, a football bet is a term used to describe the numbers presented by bookmakers in the odds table, aiming to help players gather information and determine which team is weaker or stronger, as well as the corresponding winning odds for each selection, enabling more accurate decision-making.
It can be said that football bets are crucial factors that determine the outcome for participants. Different bookmakers offer different football odds. Therefore, players need to research, analyze, and understand the information and read the odds accurately to make their predictions and assessments.
In a basic football odds table, you will see three main types of bets: Handicap, Over/Under, and 1x2 (Full Time Result). Among them, Handicap and Over/Under represent Asian Handicap, while 1x2 represents European-style betting.
Moreover, the odds table also displays the favored team (corresponding to the stronger team) and the accompanying odds for betting on the away team or the home team.
The second column represents the Over/Under bet, and next to it is the corresponding odds. The odds above represent the selection for Over, and the odds below represent the selection for Under.
The 1x2 bet shows three corresponding odds. If you choose the home team to win, you select the top odds. If you choose the away team to win, you select the middle odds. If you predict a draw, you choose the last column.
II. Different Types of Football Bets
1x2 (European-style) Bet
The 1x2 bet, also known as the Full Time Result bet, is a common and widely-used type of bet. Bookmakers utilize this betting option to determine which team is stronger or weaker. However, to play this bet successfully, players need to possess skills and in-depth knowledge of 1x2 betting to accurately predict the match outcome.
The 1x2 bet has three betting options: Home Win, Draw, and Away Win. Specifically:
1: You place a bet on the home team to win.
X: You bet on the match ending in a draw.
2: You bet on the away team to win.
It's important to note that the odds for the 1x2 bet are often presented in decimal or fractional format, depending on the bookmaker's preference.
By understanding these different types of football bets and odds, you'll be equipped to make more informed decisions when placing your bets. Remember to research, analyze, and stay up to date with the latest information to increase
X: You will bet on a draw between the two teams.
2: You will bet on the away team to win.
Currently, there are two main types:
1X2: European handicap for the entire match.
1X2: European handicap for the first half.
When participating in this type of bet, you need to consider the strength of each team in that match, and the bookmakers will offer different odds. The stronger team will usually have lower odds, while the weaker team will have higher odds.
For example, in the match between France and Iran, these two teams have a significant difference, so the odds will also differ. If a player chooses to bet on 1 for France, and France wins, the player will receive a payout based on the odds set by the bookmaker. Conversely, if the player bets on Iran, and Iran wins, the player will also receive the corresponding payout.
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Asian Handicap
As the name suggests, this type of bet originated from the Asian betting market but has become increasingly popular in European countries as well. The most notable difference from European handicap is that Asian handicap only has two options, without the option for a draw.
This is a type of handicap bet. In this case, when the two teams have an imbalanced relationship, the stronger team will have to give a handicap to the weaker team by a certain number of goals. For example, a handicap of 1, 1.5, or 2.
General concept of Asian Handicap:
To better understand the various types of football betting, let's take an example of a match between Manchester and Chelsea. The handicap odds will be written as follows: Manchester United 0: * Chelsea - The home team is written before the colon, and the away team is written after. The team with the value of 0 is the team giving the handicap, and the team with the value * is the team receiving the handicap.
Asian Handicap is the most popular type of bet among bettors due to its diverse options and attractive odds. It is also known as Handicap Bet or HDP.
The special feature of this type of bet compared to others is the addition of a handicap. Depending on the situation of the match, the bookmaker will provide different handicap odds to create a balanced playing field.
1/4 Handicap (0.25)
The team on the upper side will give a handicap to the lower side, and if the match ends in a draw, the lower side will win.
1/2 Handicap (0.5) also known as half-goal handicap
The team on the upper side will give a half-goal handicap to the lower side, and if the match ends in a draw, the lower side will win.
3/4 Handicap (or half-goal handicap)
The team on the upper side will give a handicap to the lower side, and if the match ends in a draw, the upper side will lose the entire bet amount. If the upper side wins by one goal, the player will win half of the bet amount, and if the upper side wins by two or more goals, the player will win the entire bet amount. The reasoning is reversed for the lower side.
1 1/4 Handicap (1.25 or half-goal handicap)
The team on the upper side will lose half of the bet amount if they win by only one goal, win the entire bet amount if they win by two or more goals, and lose the entire bet amount in case of a draw or loss. The same applies to the lower side.
1 1/2 Handicap (1.5 or one-goal handicap)
The team on the upper side will lose the entire bet amount if they win by only one goal and win the entire bet amount if they win by
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