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How To Sell Your Boat or Marine Item Using The Trading Dock:

In order to list your merchandise on the Trading Dock you must first have a THT Captain's or Admiral's Club Membership or be a THT Sponsor. To purchase your Admiral's Club Membership or become a THT Sponsor, please go to the "Join the Admiral's Club" link at the top of the page.

Who qualifies as a private seller? A private seller is an Admiral's Club member who has previously purchased an item for his own use and has decided to sell it. The item may be new or used, but the intent is the issue; IF you bought it with the intent of reselling it here, are building to order or you are planning to order more if you sell what you have, you are not a private seller. If you are a commercial seller, you need to acknowledge that you are doing it for profit and pay the fees accordingly. Membership in the Admiral's Club does not give you the right to sell commercially. You may list and sell items that actually belong to you. If you have a friend who wants to sell something, they need to join and list it themselves.

1) After your Membership is activated go to the Trading Dock Forum Here and click the "New Thread" button. You are now ready to create your ad.

2) Type in your ad subject and a detailed description of the item item you wish to sell. Be sure to include your contact information.
The internal THT Private Messaging feature is a great way to communicate with potential buyers.

3) Before you submit your ad you may wish to attach a photo of your item you have stored on your computer. To do this simply check the box that reads "Attach a file after posting", then click Submit. Browse your computer for the image you wish to upload.

4) The maximum file size you can upload is 400kb. After locating your image, click Submit again. Allow a few seconds for your image to upload. When the webpage refreshes and you see your image has uploaded click "Return to the thread".
If you do not wish to include an image simply click Submit after typing your ad. You may also use HTML to link to your image if you are hosting it off-site.

5) Review your ad and correct any errors if necessary. You may also make unlimited revisions and corrections to your ad by using the "Edit" button located at the top right of your post. Only you can edit your ad. After you post an ad in the classified forum, you can click the "Toggle email notification" link in the bottom right "Actions" box. Doing so will automatically send you an alert email when someone has replied to your post.

Here are the Basic Rules for posting your ad the the Trading Dock:

A) Unless your are a paid advertiser or THT Sponsor, you may sell personally owned items only. Sales "for friends" are not allowed. If your friend has something to sell, they need to sign up and play by the rules. Multiple listings or multiple quantities of similar or identical items (rods, reels, parts etc) will be considered a business listing and not allowed on the Trading Dock Forum. Please limit your ads to one per week and do not dominate the forum.month.

B) Trading Dock Ad's will run approximately 4 months before they are deleted or frozen. If you do not sell your item within 6 months you will need to place another free ad.

C) "Bumping" which is the technique of replying to a thread to bring it back to the top is allowed as long as it is not excessive. Daily bumps are not permitted.

D) State a selling price in your listing. The price may include OBO (or best offer). This is not an auction site and listed that appear to be auctions will be deleted. All items must be listed with a fixed price.

E) Links to eBay or other auction sites are not allowed unless the item is also listed here at a firm price.

You may attach images to posts made in this forum. Here's how:

1) Locate the image on your computer. The image file size must be under 400,000 bytes.
2) Post a new message and make a comment about the image in the post field.
3) Before submitting your post check the "Attach a file after posting" box below your post then click "Submit"
4) The next page will ask you to "Attach a file". Use the "Browse" button to find your image file to attach. .gif and .jpg only. Click "Submit" and allow a few seconds for your image to load.
5) If this procedure is followed you should receive a "Upload successful. " page. Now click "Actions
Return to the thread"

When replying to an ad:

Please limit replies to questions about the item involved. The person posting their ad is doing so to sell their item and not necessarily to get into discussions regarding their asking price or to open discussions for comparisons of their item to other items.

Sellers are not obligated to answer or reply to questions about their product publicly. Off topic replies and those of the nature above will be deleted and the poster warned.
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